Research, advice
and product development

Leo Minor advises its customers and develops prototypes of a diverse range of clothing


- uniforms, specialized clothing for combat
- safety and sport
- as well as swim-wear and lingerie


We are involved in every stage of the development of a new product. Working in long-standing and productive collaboration with our suppliers, we oversee: the choice of raw materials; when necessary, the application of motifs and markings to fabrics, the use of specific processes and the sourcing of smaller suppliers.


The development of a product is always undertaken with a view to taking it into production. This means that we adhere closely to all technical constraints (from the client's initial specifications to the final touches), while optimizing productivity. Our approach to product development is further enhanced by an ongoing commitment to technical innovation.

The prototype is a crucial stage in the research and development of a product. It is a concrete response to the client's specifications, and the only way to give the client a clear and tangible sense of the outcome of our research.


A prototype allows the client to judge the extent to which his or her specifications have been met, to evaluate the materials used, how well the product is made, whether or not it works – and even how good it looks!