From 1 to infinity
The mass production of an item draws on some our of key strengths:


- the provision of primary materials and supplies
- working closely with our suppliers
- the logistics of delivering materials
to our sites of production

Meanwhile ,any necessary adjustments to the prototype allow us to finalize the pattern that will be used in industrial production.


Our computerized machinery ensures the smooth passage from individual item to its mass production.

At this point in the process, optimizing the efficiency of our fabric-cutting machines is the key objective.

A quality control check is carried prior to any fabrics being cut, allowing us to remove any piece of fabric or fiber found to be defective.

The expansion in Leo Minor's production capacity has gone hand in hand with ongoing quality control checks at every stage of the cutting, stitching and finishing of a project. Further checks are systematically carried out prior to the project being dispatched.



Industrial organization