With its range of machinery and equipment, Leo Minor benefits from constant technical support and the means to develop new textiles. While giving us a competitive advantage, our collaborative approach has enabled us to expand our product range:


- Uniforms
- Clothing for Combat
- Clothing for Policing
- Clothing for Flight
- Clothing for Motorcyclists
- Sealed garments
- Thermostable garments
- Sportswear
- Shirts and Blouses


More details on the Woven Fabrics
range below…


Based on transparency and trust, the special relationship Leo Minor enjoys with its partners has allowed us to extend our range of products.

Meanwhile, our expertise in the field of woven fabrics is constantly evolving in response to innovations in the sector as we strive for technical optimization.

In constant evolution, Leo Minor is able to anticipate developments in the textile industry as well as our clients' underlying needs.