Every one of our products is subjected to strict control checks carried out by our department of quality-control. From the selection of primary materials to the final product, Leo Minor strives for perfection throughout the entire production process.


In addition, random checks, according to statistical sampling methods, ensure that we adhere to the specifications of our customers. Leo Minor has created a quality assurance department that monitors and supports computerized production lines. All the results of our quality controls are distributed in a daily report.

We carry out a visual and dimensional inspection of every item that we produce prior to shipment of the goods. Our commitment to quality and our adherence to our clients' the specifications is maintained throughout the production chain, from receipt of materials to delivery of the final product.
Our checking methods are based on those described in the NF X 06-021 and ISO 2859-1 published by the French Association for Standardization.


Production is followed-up with an after sales service.