In the beginning
Founded in 1981, Leo Minor developed its first collection of trousers.

Soon after, Leo Minor expanded the range
of its activities and began producing sleeved garments for local retailers and stockists.

The subsequent growth of the business has been based on the following principles: creativity, responsiveness and economic performance.


In the early 1990s, traditional craftsmanship gave way to industrial production to meet the needs of supermarkets and other large retailers.

In 1995, Leo Minor set up a Moroccan subsidiary of the company, increasing production and the quality of its products.

Leo Minor developed new working methods required to deliver the mass production of its products:

- Responsiveness and flexibility,
- Development of new products,
- Supply chain
- Extending the range of products,
- On-time delivery,
- Competitiveness
- Customer service.

This in turn led Leo Minor to put new industrial and commercial structures in place (a joint-venture in Asia, equity investment in Morocco,...).


The growth of Leo Minor has opened us
up to new opportunities in a range of different markets: image wear, military and public administration.



Keen to expand and diversify, Leo Minor then went onto acquire a business that specializes
in sportswear. Yet the fundamental principles
of the company remain the same:

- Our culture of innovation
- Availability and customer service
- Good quality / price ratio
- Meeting our commitments

As a result of many years of working with independent brands, retail outlets, fashion brands and ready-to-wear, Leo Minor now has a wealth of experience to offer its customers, with expertise in the sector of the textile market that require specialized technical skills. 

To sustain its growth, Leo Minor continues to invest in the following key areas:

- The human dimension,
- Technical equipment and machinery,
- Logistical tools,
- Infrastructure

The constant evolution of our expertise and our commitment to innovation ensure that we will continue to satisfy our customers in years to come.