• Creation of Leo Minor, specializing in trousers at the time
  • Opening of a workshop in Paris, developing towards corporate wear and uniforms

Chemises Armée ABA3672



  • Foundation of Leo Minor Morocco, then an office of representation and industrial control
  • Development of the ecosystem and industrial partnerships


  • Development of the public supply of garments
  • Setting up of a team dedicated to public procurement tenders
  • Establishment of delocalized industrial plants
  • Creation of Leo Minor Production




  • Expansion in civil and military public sales with a 4-fold increase in turnover
  • No 1 supplier to the French Ministry of the Armed Forces (purchasing campaign 2006-2009)
  • Development in the field of wearable technologies with a cutting-edge motorcycle suit concept
  • Further development in private sales and development of the EuroMed industrial chain


  • Leo Minor is a regular and well recognized supplier to the armies as well as the French gendarmerie and National Police Force
  • The company consolidates its leadership in both defense and domestic security markets
  • A new production plant in Tunisia specializing in knitting effects and modernization of their machines
  • Equipment for all motorcycle forces in partnership with the French national gendarmerie, police and customs.

Gendarmerie Nationale Moto Airbag ABA2627

200304 LeoMinor 130660 S.BONO


  • International development: Belgian police, Swedish army, Qatar police, Monaco police,…
  • Structuring of our innovation process around strong themes: mobility, modularity, stealthiness…
  • Strengthening our position in high-performance specialist clothing segment
  • Development of innovative PPE concepts: wearable technologies, thermal stress, law enforcement, stealth, anti-vector …


  • The Director General for National Security of Morocco (DGSN) entrusts Leo Minor with the task of rethinking and manufacturing the complete attire for its forces
  • Extension and empowerment of the group into the Quality management system
  • Acquisition of Sicomek
  • Endowment of Leo Minor (Morocco) with its own funds

Leo Minor ABA2715

Leo Minor ABA4025


  • First manufacturer to obtain the “French civil security” label awarded by the DGSCGC for its TSI outfit which equips French firefighters
  • Extension of collaborations with Moroccan forces: the royal guard, the armed forces and the royal gendarmerie
  • Leo Minor (Morocco) certified ISO 9001: 2015
  • New developments for high performance motorcycle outfits: Cameroon, Swiss cantonal police, municipal police….