DGSN – Kingdom of Morocco

Directorate General of National Security (DGSN), Kingdom of Morocco – National – Completed in 2016-2017

‘Design and pilot a complete clothing program’

Leo Minor, through its subsidiary Leo Minor Maroc, designs, manufactures and manages the deployment of an entirely new wardrobe for all operational units and internal security forces: national security, intervention and law enforcement, motorcyclists, air and border police…


complete packages


clothing effects delivered


accessory items delivered

1,8 M

meters of fabrics used

The need

In the context of the modernization of its internal security forces, with a high communication challenge at both national and international level, the implementation and deployment of this new outfit is emblematic and must be carried out within a very short period of time (12 months).

  • Displaying an innovative and resolutely modern design
  • Using apparel with a very high level of performance and quality
  • Equipping units and deploying the new outfits simultaneously in record time

The solution

Thanks to its know-how and expertise with the French police and gendarmerie, the solution covers the entire new wardrobe of the different units:

  • An offer of complete packages including clothing effects and accessories of the adapted ranges: mid-season/winter and summer, jackets, trousers, shirts, intervention, motorcyclist…
  • Taking into account the identity and specificity of the respective missions of the different units
  • An offer of technical materials, supports and components in compliance with the most demanding European and international standards.
  • First-class sourcing and prototyping
  • The choice of French and European know-how and industry, guaranteeing the robustness, quality and durability of the effects and equipment delivered.

Why choose Leo Minor?

  • The ability to design and implement a global solution that covers all needs at competitive prices without sacrificing performance and quality requirements
  • The respect of French and international norms and standards for the quality of materials and components
  • Respecting deadlines for the outfit design, securing supplies, industrialization and assembly of the packages
  • Experience in the management of complex projects and programs with the animation and coordination of a network of more than 20 companies and industrial partners involved: weavers, spinners, equipment manufacturers…
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