Program management

Service commitment

‘Optimization of the clothing function’

Global response and common benchmark

Our mastery of the textile-clothing industry, extended to equipment and accessories, allows us to efficiently manage complete clothing programs with various references.

  • Compilation of needs: requirements, obligations, standards, desiderata, ‘whims’, …
  • Choice of equipment and clothing
  • Harmonization of the apparel without calling into question the identity of each service or unit
  • Selection of material and component suppliers
  • Process of allocation, distribution, tracking, maintenance, recovery, destruction and disposal


We offer the best in textile know-how and logistics expertise for defense, internal security and corporate clients.

Based on a strategic and partnership approach, our offer, Secur.I.Dress ®, is 100% dedicated to the management of the outsourced clothing function:

  • Global management
  • Product development and harmonization
  • Manufacture of effects and supply of accessories and equipment
  • Proven and secure software solution
  • Online ordering portal customized to e. commerce standards
  • More than 20,000 m2 of storage capacity in compliance with the most demanding Quality and CSR standards
  • Grouped and individualized distribution capacity, in France and internationally

This offer is developed in partnership with the Mulliez-Flory group.