Sales & after-sales service

Customer services

‘A personalized and sustainable relationship’

Our project management teams are dedicated and multi-skilled.

They are involved throughout the entire process of executing your orders.

They are fully conversant with the references and specifications of your wardrobe and have a powerful IT tool that enables them to monitor your orders in real time.

  • Advice and assistance
  • Processing and management of your orders
  • Manufacturing and delivery follow-up
  • Organization of measurements
  • After-sales service: exchanges, returns, collection for recycling
  • Collection and analysis of your satisfaction in order to continuously improve our products and services.

Operational maintenance & reconditioning

We offer repair and maintenance service management.

We thus accompany our products throughout their entire life cycle on behalf of the administrations, and the operational and corporate groups that place their trust in us.

« The sense of customer service, a value that is dear to us »